Madagascar is a large island with a rich biodiversity Fauna and Flora. Bees Malagasy are part of a single strain in the world: Apis mellifera UNICOLOR. However, these bees are disappearing due to massive deforestation but also VARROASIS.

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Thus was born BEEMADAGASCAR.

BEEMADAGASCAR is a space for exchange between beekeepers North and South, space-sharing: information, documents, videos, ideas, knowledge ….

Share and Act but are two different things. To address this alarming situation, BEEMADAGASCAR rallies and acts without waiting for others to move. BEESERVICE is thus created, a portion of the profits will be allocated to the realization of small projects Bee.

HAPPY Madagascar will soon be in place to sustain these actions. YOU too, if you want to participate in this initiative: Click here

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